Visit Rwanda – A guide on Visiting Rwanda

Visit Rwanda is a global brand that has pattern in sponsorship of world clubs the Paris Saint-Germain Club (PSG) and Arsenal. Maybe it’s a reason for the increasing flooding of travelers to explore tiny beauty that dwells within.

Rwanda is located in central Africa, a reconciliation between the central African rain-tropics and the east African savannahs. Rwanda is bounded by 4 countries Tanzania in the east, Uganda North, Democratic Republic of Congo western and Burundi in north. The beautiful Rwanda is located within the linings of Great Western Rift Valley which has contributed greatly to beauty nature of country.

The geography of Rwanda is characterized by rolling terrains, tropical rainforests across the northern, western and southern and the western some bits of savannahs. The continuing contours of dormant volcanos especially northwards has named Rwanda a country of a thousand hills that stature a remarkable experience for travelers opting to visit Rwanda.

Beside the natural magnificence, Rwanda is famous as one of luxury vacationer destination for various reasons. The capital of Kigali is known for being one of Africa’s beautiful and cleanest cities to live in while in Kampala.

The small country has a small population of about 13 million people scattered across the borders. There are three major ethnic tribes in Rwanda who are the Tutsi, Hutu and the Twa who almost have the same practices and commonly speak one language Kinyarwanda. There are four official languages which are used in Rwanda, Kinyarwanda most used, French common in offices, Kiswahili a regional language and English which was introduced recently.

Requirements to visit Rwanda

When planning to visit Rwanda, it’s important to know the basic requirements one should have to be allowed entry. Among the things which should never miss are; passport with a validity of 6month with a blank passport page, tourist visa given by the foreign ministry of Rwanda, as well tourist can use the East African tourist visa which is valid for entry of Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda. Also should carry a yellow fever vaccination if entering from countries where yellow fever is endemic.

Is it safe to visit Rwanda?

It’s important to check on the travel advisory site before accessing some parts of Rwanda. But generally Rwanda is safe, one of the few countries on the African continent with limited political violence. However, some areas like the nearing areas around the Democratic Republic of Congo are disturbed with rebels which are active in the Eastern Congo borders. However, other borders of Uganda, Burundi and Tanzania are safe. All tourist destinations in Rwanda are safe for tourists, and national army is working so hard to ensure that the eastern Congo rebel activities don’t reflect in Rwanda.

Why should visit Rwanda

Abundant wildlife

With variation of the geography and vegetation covers, these have facilitated the existence of several wildlife which can listed and recorded in Rwanda. Among the commonly renowned for tourists is the gorillas, chimpanzees, big five, and variety of bird species, golden monkeys and the long list of wildlife species. The wide list of abundant wildlife is one of the major factors why a great number of travelers are making Rwanda their next travel destination.

Lovely and beautiful people

Rwanda has one of mostly rated beautiful people. These are lovely people, peaceful who’re always working towards ensuring your safe stay when in Rwanda. Rwanda is blessed with the list number of ethnic variety

Safe place

Rwanda is one of the limited safe places to visit in Africa. It’s always safe to travel to Rwanda at any time no matter the circulations. All tourist destinations in Rwanda are safe to visit, don’t consider a limit when deciding to have a visit to Rwanda.

Beautiful tourist destinations

Rwanda has several of major tourist destination of which these are mainly natural destinations. Majorly national parks have always acted as the focus for tourist visiting Rwanda. Among the Parks is the Volcanos National Park the most famous for gorilla trekking, then Akagera National Park the most visited park in Rwanda. Also Nyungwe Forest National Park the amazing forest for chimpanzee and the Giswati-Mukara National Park. However, there are several other tourist destinations including L.Kivu white sand beaches, Kigali tours, among others.

Memories of terror

Rwanda experienced and awkward moment of 100 days in 1994, where over 800,000 lives were claimed into the popular Rwanda genocide massacre. There are several museums which were built commemorate such moments and to be a demonstration areas to instill a passionate heart in citizens that this moment don’t happen again. Genocide museums were constructed across the country with the major being the Gisozi genocide museum.

Where to go on a safari visit to Rwanda

Volcanos National Park

Located in northern Rwanda, Volcanos National Park is the most famous tourist destination in Rwanda. Volcanoes is a stretch of the great Virunga Conservation which is well known 2nd gorilla destination. Volcanos Np is one of the most famous gorilla trekking parks and this is famous for being an upmarket gorilla trekking destination. There about 10 habituated gorilla families which are trekked on a daily basis. Other activities done when in Volcanos National Park are; golden monkey tracking, bird watching, nature walks, volcano climbing etc.

Akagera National Park

Rwanda’s most visited National Park located in the eastern region. Through Akagera Rwanda transit from the tropic and volcanic landscapes to a gently flat and savannahs. It’s the only savannah park in this beautiful Rwanda and a trip here lead to exploring the Big Five. Abundant of wildlife of flora and fauna call the park their home. For adventures like game drives, boat cruises into the wild, bird watching and several of adventures, Akagera is the best place for you.

Nyungwe Forest National Park

It’s among the few remaining tropical forests of a kind in the central African region. The tropical forest is a very significant forest accommodating much of flora and fauna. It’s famous for being a center of chimpanzees in Rwanda and accommodating the largest number of primates about 13 species. Chimpanzees are half-habituated, sometimes it is difficult to watch the apes on an up-close encounter. Other adventures done include; primate walks, hill climbing, canopy walks etc.

Kigali City

The Africa’s cleanest city, Kigali capital is the genesis of all adventures done on a visit to Rwanda. It’s the Central Business Area of Rwanda, with a lot of considerations. Among the mentions things to do in Kigali include city walks, visiting some of the modern local markets in the city of Kigali, museums, and gardens for chilling among others.

Gishwati-Mukara National Park

It’s a new national park confirmed in 2015 after combining both Gishwati and Mukura forest reserves. Gishwati-Mukura National Park was established to protect the remnants of Gishwati and Mukura forest. It another spot in Rwanda to watch the chimpanzee, however the forest is a special home for several primate species among which include the endemic golden monkeys, blue and L’Hoest’s monkeys.

Transport means in Rwanda

When to explore Rwanda there are various ways to wander around. Which one would be your best choice? Yes, let’s consider that you take one of the following.

  • Fly to your destination – here one can decide not to drive longer journeys of 2 hours into the bumpy roads and decides to take one of the in-land flights which also connects to various tourist destinations. Fly from Kigali to Volcanos, or Akagera for your adventure.
  • Full-guided tours – the most common way of how most of travelers explore Rwanda. Visiting Rwanda is perfect when you cruise like a real boss, let everything be handled by your tour operate and you remain with enjoying the moment.
  • Hire a car with a driver- It trends but not so much practiced, hire a vehicle and the driver but remain in charging with decision on your trip.
  • Hire a car for self-drive – another most trending traveling style available in Rwanda is hiring a vehicle and take a self-drive trip to all your next destinations.

The don’t when visited Rwanda

Littering, over speeding, making horn and corrupting traffic offers is are thing should ever forget when on the land of a thousand hills.


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