Bike Tours

Bike tours

Bike Tours, Live your dreams and passion of the ultimate cycling safari in Uganda. Ride through well preserved tracks with unbelievable nostalgic views to match. Some of the bike tours range from streets to national park and reserves.

Entebbe Bike tour/Bike Tours

Explore Entebbe like a pro into the city centers, friendly neighborhoods, market places on a 5-hour long bike guided ride. Discover Entebbe’s treasures such as the zoo, botanical gardens, reptile village.  Where you expect to see Iguanas, crocodiles and so much more. The adventure starts with a pickup from the hotel then it’s fun fun all the way.

Kampala Bike tour/Bike Tours

What is more fun than a bike tour through Uganda’s most vibrant city? The city offers a wide range of popular hangout places, eat ins and drive bys. Market places such as the famous Nakasero where you will find all your tropical delicacies and more. Savor the moment with a scrumptious street rolex, samosa, smoked tilapia or plantain and the street grills will give you a run for your money. Get lost in the beauty of the historical landmarks such as the Independence Monument, The Kabakas palace and other unique architectural buildings that date back to the colonial times. Visit the cultural craft village, the Uganda museum for some African inspired crafts.

Bike tour in the west

Take a bike tour in the western region of Uganda a whimsical excursion through the natural landscape including the “Switzerland of Africa”. There is a lot to see such as wildlife, beautiful freshwater lakes, misty forests, snow caped or toothed mountains and so much more. This can be with in a protected area of community.