Why Travel With Us?

Early Trails Expedition

Why Travel With Us; Going for an adventure with Early Trails Expedition is one of the best ways to satisfy your travel desires. Right from the first conversation with us when you place your inquiry to planning and confirming your reservation, we ensure delivery of a high-quality service so that you may have an incredible travel experience.

Moreover, due to the expertise attained from our seven years of operation, we have what it takes to go above and beyond your safari expectations.

Why you should choose Early Trails Expedition

Digging a little bit into our background, our company was established based on several important factors that are essential in the tourism industry. Some of these include;

  • timely delivery/time management
  • clients’ comfort, safety and security
  • creating and providing a balanced travel schedule
  • knowledgeable, professional tour guides
  • affordability
  • flexibility (we can tailor your safari package to your specific needs and preferences)
  • exceptional customer service
  • Eco-tourism (we are committed to sustainable tourism practices and supporting local communities)

To have this package and more, you need someone reliable, recognised and with a good reputation which is our central art of operation.

Early Trails Expedition Uganda is fully registered under Uganda Registration Services Bureau and certified by the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities.

Below are the reasons (in detail) why booking your next vacation to Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda with Early Trails Expedition will be an excellent decision;

Great Customer service 

To begin with, customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities when preparing a safari package. As soon as you contact us, we must leave no stone unturned while pursuing your safari dream.

In line with that, our staff are well trained to establish a great communication line whereby you are listened to, and keen attention is given to each detail you share. That said, excellent customer service has kept us relevant and recommended and has isolated us to be a particular tour operator for many travellers, both first-timers and advancing.

Early Trails Expedition operates with a team of staff who love their job and are highly trained and experienced in the travel field. For instance, the reservations team will steadily guide you to organise a favourable tailor-made safari package.

When your travel date reaches, you will be handled by knowledgeable, friendly, skilled driver guides equipped with safe driving skills. Even at your hotel/lodge, you will undoubtedly receive the care and service you deserve. In a nutshell, prepare to be treated like royalty during your entire trip!

Early Trails Expedition

Competitive price and security of funds

Competitive Price

For any safari activities such as gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, wildlife viewing, and community walks, to mention but a few, we understand that it is in your best interest to get value for your money. Therefore, at Early Trails Expedition Uganda, we strive to offer the best possible safari rates while ensuring that our packages satisfy your needs to the maximum.

Additionally, we leave room for negotiation and adjustment depending on your budget. For instance, many of our packages have both inclusive and exclusive items. Still, we can give you the liberty of choosing what can be excluded or included in your safari price (considering all the necessary conditions/factors).

One other important point is that we have no hidden costs within our travel packages. We believe in transparency and building trust with our clients. Our pricing structures highlight all the items’ prices for a given safari.

Security of funds

Usually, there is a lot of anxiety that comes with issues concerning the safety of one’s money. However, when you book your safari, honeymoon or holiday vacation with Early Trails Expedition Uganda, rest assured that your money will be safe and well accounted for. Below are some of the reasons why;

  • We are a fully registered tour company which requires us to abide by the law
  • The company is flexible with regard to payment modes and also works with recognised banks.
  • Our staff are well trained and experienced in financial management
  • We have an organised system of handling your money

Also, when handling money, we do it with a lot of care considering the following;

  • We have a booking policy – all bookings are considered active after customers have deposited at least 30%, depending on the nature of the trip.
  • We have a cancellation policy – Which operates at all times and all levels.
  • Rescheduling policy – this depends on the situations under which the rescheduling.

Booking policy

We highly recommend that you place your booking for a safari to Uganda, Kenya or Rwanda with Early Trails Expedition Uganda at least three months before your date of travelling. This will give us enough time to make reservations for the various accommodations and safari activities. Also, some activities require checking availability since they are trendy. An example of this is gorilla and chimpanzee trekking.

Cancellation policy

The company accepts cancellations at all levels. We understand that there may be unforeseen circumstances that may stop your trip from taking place. However, our cancellation policy doesn’t guarantee a 100% refund.

It is essential to consider that when money is deposited on some bookings, such as those for vehicles, permits, accommodation, and others may be challenging to reverse and get back the money.

Rescheduling Policy

If you are unable to go for your trip in the period that was initially communicated or discussed due to certain hindrances, we can find ways of rescheduling it to a later, more convenient time.

Professionalism and reliability

We have explored all the safari destinations we sell, giving us an edge. Additionally, our expertise in the tourism industry gives us immense confidence and focus on selling our products effectively. We bring our in-depth knowledge and first-hand travel experiences to help our clients make their dream holidays come true.

We believe in giving accurate, practical and valuable travel advice to our clients. Flexibility is part of our best-played game—trust, flexibility, knowledge and skills all position Early Trail Expeditions Uganda as professional and reliable.

Early Trails Expedition

Patience and a “client first” attitude

We consider that respect should be the order of our operation. The patience we display makes us suitable from our first conversation to only respecting your say. When speaking about the Tailor-made package, take your time inquiring and asking any questions. Your handler will focus on ensuring you have the best experience. Our team is imparted with the mentality of “the client first attitude.” We stand only to advise where the need may be.

When booking with us, sit and relax to enjoy your safari journey like a boss. Check to book with us.


We offer unique travel experiences that combine the thrill of adventure with a deep appreciation for nature. Our company’s name reflects how we turn our clients’ interests into exciting expeditions through historical trails and destinations.

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