White Water Rafting in Uganda


White Water Rafting in Uganda; This exciting activity involves riding on a raft over rough, dangerous parts of a fast-flowing river, such as the Nile in Uganda. Although there are similar adventures in Uganda, like gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking and hiking the Rwenzori, white water rafting can give you a mind-blowing experience like no other.

In Uganda, white water rafting takes place in Jinja, the adventure capital of East Africa. Besides rafting, one can opt for exciting activities such as tubing, kayaking, bungee jumping and boat rides. One will find cliffs and rough gorges along the world’s longest River that accelerate the rapids.

How the rafting is done

White water rafting

The rafting experience starts with booking, a half-day activity lasting for 6 hours or a full day (depending on your preference). It’s not a good idea to book for any other activity on your day of rafting.

White water rafting is done in paddle rafts that carry a maximum of 6 people (rafters). A well-trained rafting guide accompanies each team to ensure their safety as they enjoy the waters. Additionally, each rafter on board is given a paddle, and they are required to follow their guide’s advice.

During the rafting adventure, a team of kayakers usually take their position along the river banks to provide fast assistance in case of accidents such as flipping of the raft tube.

The rafting experience covers a distance of 20km from the starting point. Then, it stretches to the rough rapids for advanced rafters. It begins on calm waters as the guide helps and teaches the first timers. Thereafter, the team embarks on the activity as the gentle rapids accelerate to form the fuming and bubbling white waters.

Along with the rapid development, one can choose where to raft from considering grades that range from grade I to grade V.

White water rafting adventure
White water rafting adventure

Safety of rafting

During rafting on the Nile, all safety precautions are taken to ensure that everyone attains a safe and enjoyable experience. It is therefore very important for the rafters to follow the instructions given by the guides. The safety precautions come with a safety briefing, practice, and building confidence in lower grades before embarking on the more puzzling sections.

Every rafting tube accommodates a maximum of 6 rafters as well as a well-trained and experienced guide. The guide ensures that the rafters are safe throughout the adventure.

First-timers go through training at the beginning of the session, and instructors are always on standby throughout the starters grades 1 to 3.


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