Best places to visit in Uganda

Murchison falls

Best places to visit in Uganda

Best places to visit in Uganda, Uganda a land engraved with a rich cultural history stemming from its beautiful ancestry, a magical land with intoxicating attractions such as the inviting rock ribbed mountains that draw you into a nostalgic entryway into an array of landmarks. From the toothed mountains of the Virunga massif, the snow-capped mountains of the Rwenzori  stained with lush green vegetation some endemic to only Uganda.

Uganda, home to the source of the mighty Nile river, the longest in the world that births numerous streams also forming the world’s most powerful Murchison falls and the second largest fresh water body, Lake Victoria. Best places to visit in Uganda, Hidden within the pearl of Africa, the dense thick misty forest of Bwindi inhabited by almost half of the world’s population of endangered mountain gorillas. The intriguing tree climbing lions found lazing in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth are sure to give tourists a run for their money. With such an outstanding list of attractions, tourists are hard-pressed for choice, that’s why at Early Trails Expedition, we have carefully organized some of the Uganda.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

A dense misty forest only accessible by foot truly lives up to its name as the impenetrable forest. This UNESCO World Heritage site is inhabited by a wide variety of wildlife including an impressive number of primates such as the famous endangered mountain gorillas. Other than the wildlife, the landscapes are breathtaking covered with green typical of the Albertine rift.

Murchison Falls national park

The oldest and largest national park in Uganda derives its name from the thundering Murchison falls where the Nile river squeezes through a 7 paced gorge only to plunge creating a roaring sound that can be heard throughout the park. There is simply a lot to see in the park including the wonderful wildlife that call the park home.

Queen Elizabeth National Park/Best places to visit in Uganda

Home to an endless list of breathtaking views where everything is in abundance no wonder it’s the most popular tourist destination. From birds, primates, animals there is just so much of everything.The wild game at the park is to die for, including the Big Five and not forgetting the jaw-dropping tree-climbing lions that are found lazing in the trees of the Ishasha sector of the park. In Queen Elizabeth National Park is where you will also find the Kazinga channel that has the largest concentration of wildlife as they come to quench their thirst.

Jinja town, source of the Nile river

A gem found in the eastern region of Uganda driving through one of Uganda’s most magnificent landmarks, the Jinja Nile bridge. Jinja town boats of adrenalin raising activities for those seeking a more active holiday. Tourists  treated to activities such as white water rafting, bungee jumping among so much more all while enjoying the outstanding countryside scenic views.

Ssesse Islands  

A dazzle of sun-kissed beaches, endless golden sands, the Ssesse Islands are your ultimate vacation destination for that tropical relaxing atmosphere. The lapping waves of the Lake Victoria inviting you for a boat cruise where you will enjoy sighting aquatic wildlife like no other.

Kibale National Park

If chimpanzee tracking is for you, then Kibale national park is the place to be. You will have the amazing opportunity to venture into the dense forest of Kibale in search of the cheerful primate with the added bonus of other incredible wildlife you are likely to encounter on the way.

Kampala, the capital city of Uganda/Best places to visit in Uganda

You would not want to miss a tour through Uganda’s most vibrant city, jam packed with a steady number of landmarks such as the Independence monument, the Uganda National Museum, architectural buildings dating back to the colonial times, the Bahai temple among others. A visit to the Kabaka’s palace and the Kasubi tombs will suck you back in time to see how the great African Kings lived. You will also visit the tight packed food markets including the Owino and Nakasero markets and restaurants that serve up succulent dishes for that authentic Ugandan flavor.

Rwenzori mountain National Park

The notorious snow-capped mountains of the moon offer outstanding scenic views of the one of a kind alpine flora that is home to a variety of species endemic to the Albertine Rift, giant groundsel and lobelia, glaciers, rivers, forests and wild game that is to die for. The park also offers first class hiking and mountaineering to the summit definitely not for the faint hearted.

Lake Bunyonyi

“A place of many birds” as it commonly referred to is a birder’s heaven. Hosting a variety of islands of up to 29, Lake Bunyonyi offers its visitors the beauty of the most spectacular bird species most of which are endemic only to that area. The stunning resorts at the lake also provide the perfect picturesque backdrop for nature lovers paired with the serenity that comes with it.

Semuliki National park

Although mostly known for its hot springs, that is the Sempaya female and male hotsprings, Semuliki is a place of astonishing splendors where you will find the only lowland forests in East Africa plus the Ituri forest that thrived through the ice age. The beautiful Semuliki river that waters the national park hosts a variety of magnificent wildlife species surrounded by intriguing ethnic communities that used to call the place home.

Best places to visit in Uganda/Early Trails Expeditions


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