Flexibilities around COVID -19

Flexibilities around COVID -19

COVID 19 and travel

Flexibilities around COVID -19 , The outbreak of corona virus in 2019 greatly disrupted the international and domestic travel worldwide. Many enthusiastic travelers were left wondering if opportunity to travel the world would get back again. Amazingly, with strict safety measures and adherence. COVID-19 cases began reducing not only in Uganda but also in other countries.

Some small and big enterprises completely shut down as due to the devastating effects of corona virus. But the interesting bit is that tourism and travel sector is back. With some safari companies already picking up business wise. Although Uganda and the rest of the world have re-opened to international travelers. There is still need to be conscious the fact that Covid-19 still exists.

Uganda is complete open to all tourists

Visiting Uganda


All tourism destinations in Uganda are open to travelers. Is it mountain gorillas or wildlife that you would like to see on Uganda safaris or you are interested in adventures such as mountaineering? Visit Uganda this 2023 with no worries and enjoy a guided mountain gorilla trekking experience, chimpanzee tracking, game drives, nature walks, cultural tours, birding and so much more.

You can plan your safari to Uganda early and your tour operator will greatly assist you to realize your travel dream. Uganda is safe to visit for a holiday thanks to the government’s strict measures put in place. On a visit to Uganda for a trip, some safety measures still play a significant part regardless of the low COVID-19 numbers and they include

  1. Regularly washing hands or sanitizing
  2. Wearing face masks in the public
  3. Temperature checks
  4. Physical distance should be kept where needed

What you should know about the arrivals process at Entebbe Airport;

  • Fully vaccinated visitors don’t need to have a coronavirus PCR test to fly in or depart from Entebbe airport. All visitors should have a coronavirus vaccination certificate/negative PCR test taken 72 hours before taking a flight except for children below 5 years.
  • Sanitize hands –hand sanitizers can even be found in some of the facilities like hotels or at the airport
  • Ensure that your documents are checked (present a negative PCR test certificate or vaccination certificate, yellow fever certificate, and other essentials.
  • Get your luggage once it is checked
  • Make the best use of the Uganda Tourism Board tourist desk for any assistance.
  • When you show the coronavirus vaccination certificate, no need for a negative PCR Test Certificate. For guests not vaccinated, you will need to undertake vaccination prior to flying to Uganda.

Safety of stuff

Being the main players in the tourism sector, we are glad that all our team took safety measures against Corona Virus seriously. This included getting vaccinated and at all times, observing the set guidelines or safety measures.

Entry requirements & procedures

If you plan to visit Uganda this 2023 for a vacation or business trip. Here are some of the essentials you should have;

  • Valid East Africa visa works in three countriea which include Uganda,Kenya and Rwanda this can be obtained in advance via online; visit https://visas.immigration.go.ug
  • A yellow fever certificate is essential for visitors with plans to travel to Uganda

Booking & payments

Booking a tour in Uganda is easier through a local tour operator. For this case, you don’t need to look any further –reach out to our team and let us plan your holiday together. Read through the companies’ booking and cancellation policy if you are visiting Uganda or any destination. Often, companies require a first deposit of 30% or more per person –this is to allow them to meet expenses such as securing gorilla permits or chimpanzees and booking accommodation and safari vehicles for your road trip. These are essentials when it comes to any safari trip and must be reserved in advance.