Communication, If you are looking to travel to Uganda, visiting the most remote of places such as the national parks including Kidepo national park and would want to update your status but wondering about the communication environment, wonder no more. The communication network in Uganda is as good as it comes or even better than you have probably heard. Here is a look at what the media and communication atmosphere offer in Uganda,


There are a number of informative daily newspaper outlets that write news in both local languages and English. You will find authentic local and international news coverage daily. The country also has access to regional and international newspapers in print which you can access at the street stalls around the country and online by logging into the news websites, blogs accessed from anywhere in the country on phone or tablet.

Radio/ television

There is good selection of local and international radio stations hitting the airwaves both privately and government owned that keep visitors and Ugandans informed and entertained with the best local and international news, live talk shows and music. Visitors can easily access radio broadcasts on their phones by downloading the apps, watch tv in restaurants or their hotel residences.

Telephone and mobile phone network

On your arrival to Uganda you can acquire yourself a sim card from any available telecom company. You will definitely be able to communicate to family back home if you need to. Uganda has an efficient telephone network and its international code is +256. We have numerous telecom service network companies such as MTN, Airtel, Africell to mention but a few offering data, call bundle, and cash transactions in Kampala and beyond. Most Ugandans at least have two contact line from different service provider although the government has distributed power up to village it is still necessary to carry a power bank for power outages.

Social media

Visitors to Uganda will probably find it cheaper to communicate via social media within and beyond most hotels and lodges have internet for easy communication which work even without needing a sim card. For as long as you are connected to the internet, you will enjoy your social media accounts apart from Facebook which is was blocked.  the data rates in the country have been tremendously improved which has facilitated the increased use of internet and access to all the social media platforms to enable everyone to stay up to date with current issues.