Entertainment, Kampala the capital, is the most popular entertainment destination in the country with sights and sounds on the streets, the aromatic smell of street food and the colorful people are simply amazing. Kampala is somewhat a contemporary city with the usual hustle and bustle as seen in the downtown but hiding an exciting life within. Kampala has popular hangout ranging from casinos, cinema halls, the museum, restaurants, cafes and fascinating architectural buildings dating back to the colonial times.

The city stands erect on beautiful undulating seven important hills from which you can have stunning views all the way round. The night life is also vivacious, where the locals love to party choosing from among an array of trendy bars, riveting clubs, concerts and energetic discos showcasing hits local and international artists willing to take you all the way into the wee hours of the night. The city lights lure you into a sleepless atmosphere where people party till dawn.

City Accessibility

The city is easily accessible where you can take a boda-boda ride or simply hire an uber to drop you off. Other than Kampala, Jinja town  another force to be reckoned with when it comes to fun. The home of the source of the Nile boasts of adrenalin raising activities such as bungee jumping, white water rafting, ziplining, kayaking boat cruise to mention but a few.

The entertainment varies from cultural dance and music to contemporary music. Uganda caters to everyone for any mood, the young and free or older, there is plenty to choose from. Live band for a much calmer atmosphere, white sandy beaches coupled with fresh waters accompanied by exciting beach sports.

Most cities in the country  crowded with restaurants serving succulent African dishes. Uganda has a love affair with the Rolex, a combination of the chapati made from dough and fried eggs, tomatoes, onions sandwiched within. Although you can choose customize your Rolex adding fried meat or any vegetables of your liking. Despite the Rolex’s popularity, grilled chicken and goat meat is quickly sweeping city streets making it hard to walk a mile without encountering one or two. You can also enjoy the delicious “lusaniya” a huge platter of different kinds of foods in large amounts best enjoyed with friends.


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