Languages in Uganda

Languages in Uganda

Languages in Uganda, Having an official language is a step towards togetherness, a unifying factor where people understand each other. But it may not be the case in Uganda which has over 54 languages and 56 tribes in total. English is Uganda’s official language and this was inherited from our colonial masters. But not the first language all societies have their own languages depending on their origin.

The Luganda language

In central Uganda is spoken by about 16.7% of the population. And is the most popular Bantu language thought the country. Although other languages such as Runyankore spoken by the Ankole in western Uganda. Lusoga spoken by the Basoga in the Eastern part of Uganda to mention but a few are also spoken.


Became the official language in Uganda because of our colonialist masters. And quickly became popular with the aristocrats and government officials closely associating it with high class and good education. English is taught in schools together with the mother tongues for each region to earlier learners.

According to the World Linguistic Society, Ugandans took to English language better than any other African country. Currently, it is a necessity to master the language if a smooth journey through education and cooperate government systems is what you seek. Hence English is spoken in most tourist destinations in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

From 1970s to date, most Ugandans have learnt and can speak Swahili, thought its more spoken in Kenya and Tanzania as native languages.

The Swahili language spread tremendously under regime colonel Iddi Amin Dadda and is extremely popular in the national army as it used as a language of discipline and instructions. Hence the language is more of a symbol. Swahili is featured on all East African countries currency shilling notes and its recognized in all courts of law.


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