Mabamba Bay wetland

Mabamba Bay wetland (Swamp)

Mabamba bay wetland is a Ramser-site found in Entebbe north of the Lake Victoria along the shores. Its about 40 kilometers from Kampala and 24 kilometers from Entebbe. It comprises of papyrus, water lilies and wetland grasses. It is a significant birding area mostly of all a sanctuary to the rare and elusive shoebill stock. Visitors to the area can experience birding. By grabbing a ride on a motorized wooden boat through the thick papyrus reeds. You will be able to see he shoebill stork patiently stalking its prey including lungfish, mudfish, frogs and others.

Mabamba bay is a habitat to more than 300 bird species. Including the 12 shoebill storks best viewed early morning or in the evening Some of the birds include: Winding cisticola, Malachite kingfisher, Black headed weavers, Yellow-billed duck, long toed lapwing, Red-billed fire finch, African jacana, Pallid harriers among migratory birds these include Gull-billed terns, Whiskered terns, White-winged Black terns.

Prior to designating Mabamba swamp as a Ramser site in 2006, the shoebill stock was hunted and killed by superstitious fishermen who believed the bird was a sign of bad omen when fishing. However nowadays the fishermen have been educated on the significance of the bird to the country by conservation societies and Ngo to change their mind set. Additionally, they have been trained on how to earn living from the existence of the shoebill by renting out boats to bird watchers and helping them identify the different birds.

Mabamba bay wetlands support fishing and it is a major source of fish to its surrounding communities. The swamp also provides raw materials used in local craft making, building and water for home and domestic use.

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