Mountain Rwenzori

Mountain Rwenzori

Mountain Rwenzori, The mountain is found in Kasese district in western Uganda along the Uganda-Congo border. It is the third highest mountain in Africa. Famously known as the “mountain of the moon” the mountain. Was gazette in the 1900s as a World Heritage site and Ramsar site in 2005. The name Rwenzori loosely translates to ‘Rain maker’ explaining the large amount of rainfall received in the area. Rwenzori covers over 10,000 ha in the western region of the country. The snowcapped mountain boasts of the third highest peak called Margarita bisecting the Uganda and Congo border, beautiful blue lakes, and with five distinct zones namely moorland, savanna, alpine, bamboo and glaciers. It is home to a flourishing mammalian life and with some of the rarest vegetation in the world.

It is a sanctuary to endangered species such as red duiker, African forest elephants L’hoest’s monkeys to mention but a few and home to significant endemic animal species including giant heathers, groundsels and lobelias, it also supports the richest montane flora and fauna in Africa not forgetting the glaciers, waterfalls and lakes. The mountain is also a water catchment area and the source of the Nile river with clear blue lakes and towering over the Abertine Rift valley. It is a birders haven with plenty of eye-watering birds and a hiker’s paradise offering a world class mountaineering experience.


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