The Irresistible Ugandan Local Dishes

The Irresistible Ugandan Local Dishes


The Irresistible Ugandan Local Dishes, As you make preparations for your safari in Uganda, one of the experiences that are worth looking forward to is tasting the various delicious local dishes that are prepared within the country. It is quite difficult to enjoy your trip on an empty stomach. With that said, during your stay in Uganda, it is literally impossible for you to go hungry since all your meals will be catered for.

Expect to wake up to a delightful breakfast every morning, to have a wonderful lunch meal. And a tasty dinner at your chosen hotel/lodge or restaurant. Besides these three major meals of the day, feel free to enjoy some of the Ugandan snacks in between meals for instance the famous Rolex, Ugandan egg rolls and so on. It is also important to note that the Pearl of Africa embraces international cuisines. As well such as Indian, Chinese, Italian and French, therefore you can always access them at your convenience. Below are some of the irresistible Ugandan local dishes:

Matooke (steamed mashed bananas)/The Irresistible Ugandan Local Dishes

This meal is very popular around the country and is also a staple food for most of the Bantu tribes. The Irresistible Ugandan Local Dishes,  Actually, as you travel through Central and Western Uganda, you will find large banana plantations covering large parts of these regions. Interestingly, even people from the city (who are not able to have such big plantations). Are supplied by the village farms. A meal can be prepared by frying tomatoes and onions and adding to the steamed bananas (with some sauce and spices). However, the most popular mode of preparation is steaming the pealed bananas in banana leaves. Smashing them and serving them with any preferred sauce. Such as beef or groundnuts. Some people prefer to accompany the dish with grilled beef or goat’s meat, roasted meat or pork.

Muchomo (Roasted meat)/The Irresistible Ugandan Local Dishes

If you are a meat lover, tasting this dish will leave you wishing that you would carry it home with you. In Kiswahili, roasted meat is referred to as “Nyama Choma” and in Uganda, it is called Muchomo. This dish is prepared and sold on the roadside in all cities as well as restaurants/hotels. One can choose to enjoy the delicious dish with steamed matooke, french fries, fresh salads/vegetables and a fresh glass of juice. Various types of meat can be used to prepare Muchomo and they include pork, chicken, beef or goat’s meat.

Katogo dishes

To start with, Katogo is a traditional breakfast dish that has the ability to kick start your day in happy spirits. The word Katogo is a local translation of the word mixture and with that said the meal consists of a combination of bananas and a sauce such as beef, beans, groundnuts, offals or cow ghee. The Irresistible Ugandan Local Dishes, More to that, the history of this dish is quite interesting.

Originally, Katogo was a mixture of cassava and beans. That emerged in Western Uganda and Buganda region as a meal for the poor. However, as time went by, the Baganda changed the trend by putting forward an improved katogo recipe. Which was a combination of matooke (peeled bananas) and offals. Interestingly, the idea of replacing cassava with matooke was introduced by the wealthy elite people and later on the other types of sauce besides offals were added to the recipe.

Due to its tasty and satisfactory nature, the katogo dish quickly became popular throughout the country especially the Bantu speaking communities. It also became a regular breakfast meal in homes, restaurants and hotels. You can accompany your delicious plate of katogo with green vegetables, avocados, a glass of fresh juice or Ugandan tea (according to your preference).

Luwombo dishes/The Irresistible Ugandan Local Dishes

The Luwombo stew

This is a popular Ugandan dish that is prepared by steaming a combination of chicken, fish or beef and vegetables like carrots, potatoes, mushrooms and peanut/groundnut sauce, wrapped in smooth warmed banana leaves. The Irresistible Ugandan Local Dishes,  Luwombo stew is very delicious and nutritious which is why it is adored by many.

There is a variety of Luwombo dishes that are prepared in Uganda as illustrated below:

Beef Luwombo

This dish is prepared by wrapping a combination of beef pieces, onions, tomatoes, green pepper, carrots, garlic, Irish potatoes (optional), salt and spices in soft warmed banana leaves and then steaming them. The Irresistible Ugandan Local Dishes, When the dish is ready, it can be served with rice, matooke, cassava, sweet potatoes or even chapatis.

Royal Chicken Luwombo

This is a royal dish that was created for the royal family of Buganda Kingdom in the late 19th century. Actually, the Luwombo recipe was first introduced by Kabaka Mwanga’s chef at that time. It is prepared by wrapping a combination of chicken pieces, onions, tomatoes, green pepper, carrots, garlic, Irish potatoes (optional), salt and spices in soft warmed banana leaves and then steaming them. When the Luwombo is ready, it can be accompanied by rice, matooke, cassava, sweet potatoes or even chapatis. Another interesting fact about the chicken luwombo is that it is a very special/important meal that is served at traditional weddings especially in Buganda kingdom.

Groundnut sauce Luwombo

In Uganda, there is a kind of sauce known as groundnut sauce (Binyebwa) that is loved and enjoyed by many. Groundnut paste is a thick creamy sauce made from sweet red peanuts. The luwombo is prepared by wrapping the groundnut sauce in soft warmed banana leaves and then steaming them. When the dish is ready, it is usually served with steamed matooke, sweet potatoes or cassava.

If you prefer to have fish in groundnuts Luwombo, the preparation is the same except for the fact that the fish has to be smoked first and have its bones removed before adding it to the groundnuts sauce.

Beef in groundnuts Luwombo

Groundnut paste is a thick creamy sauce that is made by grinding sweet red peanuts and the beef is roasted first to enhance the flavour of the dish. The luwombo is prepared by wrapping the groundnut sauce in soft warmed banana leaves. Then, the roasted beef is fried with an assortment of vegetables before adding it to the groundnut sauce and steaming it. When the dish is ready, it is usually served with steamed matooke, sweet potatoes or cassava.

The mushrooms in groundnuts Luwombo

This dish is prepared by steaming a combination of groundnut sauce and mushrooms that is wrapped in soft warmed banana leaves. When the dish is ready, it can be served with steamed matooke, cassava, sweet potatoes or even steamed vegetable rice.

The famous Rolex (rolled eggs)

Many people might relate the word Rolex to one of the best mechanical watch brands in the world. Actually wearing a Rolex watch portrays a person’s luxurious sense of style and his or her exquisite taste. However, that is not the Rolex that we are referring to here. In Uganda, a Rolex is a dish that consists of fried eggs rolled inside a chapati (flat bread), with an addition of tomatoes, onions, green pepper or cabbage (cooked or fresh). This dish is a delicacy to the nationals and can be eaten at any time of the day.

Also, Rolexes are commonly sold along the streets/roads which is why many people tend to be loyal to their Rolex supplier (who is usually called a Rolex guy). Besides being a street food, Rolexes are also prepared in restaurants and hotels/lodges which makes it easier to have access to one even as you rest at your accommodation. This dish is really tasty and simple, you cannot afford to leave Uganda without experiencing its goodness!

Kikalayi (fried pork)

In Uganda, it is said that you haven’t eaten pork until you have tasted “kikalayi”. The name “kikalayi” refers to the large durable locally crafted frying pans that are used for cooking. These pans are used to fry fresh well seasoned pork and when it is ready, it is usually served on a large round tray with accompaniments such as steamed cassava/matooke and green vegetables (with red chilli sauce if you like). Also, this meal is suitable for a group of friends or family members who want to eat together which makes the large round tray really useful.


This dish is prepared by mixing maize flour with boiling water over a fire while mingling until it is thick and evenly mixed. When ready, it can be served with beans sauce, vegetable sauce, beef/chicken stew and so on. If you want to add some flavour to your posho, you can steam it in banana leaves. Also, this dish is very good for people who engage in heavy work since it contains carbohydrates that provide energy to the body.

Fried Chapati

Different communities in the world have a special bread dish that they consume with literally everything for instance Tacos in the United States, Roti (phulka) in India and Corn tortillas in Mexico. In Uganda, the special bread dish/staple is called Chapati. This dish is sold along the roads, in restaurants/hotels and is prepared in many households.

Chapatis are prepared by mixing several ingredients such as wheat flour, baking powder, carrots, green pepper, onions, salt and water. After this mixture is made into a soft manageable dough, medium sized pieces are rolled out of it, flattened and then fried in limited amounts of oil. When it comes to serving time, chapatis can be eaten with beans sauce or gravy or used to wrap vegetables, fried/boiled eggs or minced meat. Also, if you would like an accompaniment for your morning or evening tea, chapati slices can surely be a perfect fit!

Groundnut sauce (Binyebwa)

This dish is prepared by mixing red peanut powder or flour and water and cooking it to form a thick creamy sauce. You may add salt, curry powder, onions and green peppers for a more delightful flavour. Groundnut sauce can be served with steamed matooke, sweet potatoes or any other local food of your choice.

Ugandan tea (Chayi)

This is one of the best accompaniments for your breakfast snacks during your stay in Uganda. Ugandan tea is a hot delicious drink that is prepared by boiling water or milk with tea spices of your choice such as ginger (tangawizi), cinnamon leaves (mdalasini), lemon grass (kisubi) or holy basil leaves (omujaaja). The tea spices can gotten in powder form or by plucking their leaves from a garden. While boiling the tea, the sweet aroma that fills the air makes you really excited to taste the final product.

When the tea is finally ready, it is usually served in ceramic cups along with some tasty snacks such as cakes, chicken pies, samosas placed on a saucer.

Ugandan Rice balls (Namungodi)

This is such an interesting dish that is commonly eaten by school going children in low income areas. Ugandan rice balls are prepared by combining salted boiled rice. Mashed potatoes (which serve a role of sticking the rice grains together). Baking flour dipped in whisked eggs and any other ingredients of your choice (for more flavour). After all these preparations are completed, the rice balls are deep fried. Until they become golden brown so as to attain a crispy tasty product.

Ugandan egg rolls

Unlike the Chinese egg roll that doesn’t actually contain any eggs, the Ugandan egg roll consists of a hard-boiled egg which is wrapped inside a ball of mixed mashed potatoes with a few vegetables, dipped in whisked eggs and then fried to a golden brown colour. This dish can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or as a snack at any time of the day. Also, you can find it almost anywhere since it is sold in hotels and restaurants across the country.

Roasted Pork Ribs

This dish is put together by seasoning pork ribs with salt and spices. Such as curry powder, black pepper, garlic and others before they are barbecued on a wooden or metallic stick. When the pork ribs are ready, they can be served with roasted sweet plantain (gonja). Avocado, steamed/boiled cassava, steamed matooke and kachumbari (a mixture of cubed raw tomatoes and onions).

Seasonal delicacies/The Irresistible Ugandan Local Dishes

Roasted maize (Kassoli)

This is a really tasty snack that is prepared by roasting fresh corn (straight from the garden). Slowly over medium heat (usually produced by a lit charcoal stove). Until all the sides turn to a brownish colour. It is important to note that the corn must be roasted. As soon as it is harvested from the garden otherwise it will lose its sweetness. Unfortunately, this snack might not be found everywhere and at all times due to the fact that maize is a seasonal crop.

Roasted/steamed/deep fried plantain (gonja)/The Irresistible Ugandan Local Dishes

Plantain (also known as gonja) is one of the many types of bananas that are grown in Uganda. Gonja can be steamed, roasted or deep fried depending on your preference. However, all its forms are really delicious and can be bought from road side vendors, hotels or restaurants. This is also a seasonal dish which means that you may not always find it everywhere and every time.

Fried grasshoppers (Ensenene)/The Irresistible Ugandan Local Dishes

This is one of Uganda’s unique and highly treasured delicacies! Fried grasshoppers/nsenene is a traditional dish that is prepared by removing the insects’ wings and legs. Before cooking them in their very own natural oil. This dish is usually sold in roadside restaurants and bars (and served with a beverage of your preference). It is important to note. However, that this incredible snack is only available during the rainy season especially in April and November. Also, for those who want to prepare the dish by themselves. There is always an alternative of buying fresh grasshoppers (packed in plastic containers) from road side vendors or market places.

COVID 19 and Ebola travel guidelines/The Irresistible Ugandan Local Dishes

Ensure to follow all the necessary COVID 19 and Ebola travel guidelines. To ensure that you are in a safe and healthy condition during your safari with us. One of our major priority is to provide the best possible safety and comfort during your tour. So please rest assured that you will be in safe hands.

Some of the travel guidelines include wearing and carrying a sufficient number of surgical masks, moving with an alcohol based hand sanitizer. Vaccination against COVID 19 or taking a PCR test and several others.


Book your safari with us today and get an opportunity to explore the mouth watering Ugandan local dishes. The meals that have been talked about are simply a tip of the iceberg. There are so many other amazing foods. Such as pilau rice, mandazi, jackfruit, sugarcane. Malewa of Eastern Uganda (bamboo shoots).  Kikomando (mixture of chapati and beans), Eshabwe for Banyankole (whitish sauce made from milk). And so on that are delicacies too. The country hosts over 50 cultures each having their own traditional cuisines so there is always a lot to explore.

Our top priority is to ensure that you get an incredible, comfortable and safe safari experience. Kindly, contact us in case of any questions, suggestions or inquiries.


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